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At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

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Title: At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much
Produced By: Pearl-McPhee, Stephanie
Product ID: 9781598875201
Vendor: HighBridge Audio
Year: 2007
Type: Digital (Books & IBC Music)
Language: English
Publisher Description:
The Yarn Harlot takes time away from her knitting to offer observations, meditations, reflections, and rants to soothe and delight the knitter's unraveled soul. Like golfing, fishing, and gardening, knitting is an obsession. It's an activity fraught with guilt, frustration, over-optimism, sly deception, and compulsion, along with passionate moments of creative enlightenment. Not to mention heaps of yarn you really think you'll knit someday. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee totally understands. In this hilarious collection of tangled reflections, she offers ample reassurance for anyone who has ever wondered, "Am I alone in my mania?" Casting off with some of her favorite quotations, she muses on why it's impossible to knit too much, how many calories knitting burns (about ninety an hour, not counting the extra for retrieving your ball of yarn from under the couch), and when it's okay to stalk a man in the grocery store (not because he's good-looking, but because he's wearing an Aran sweater you want to know how to knit). The first step toward recovery is getting help-and having a good laugh at your compulsion. At Knit's End is a wicked and wickedly funny fix for any knitter.