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Debate Over Vietnam

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Title: Debate Over Vietnam
Author: David W Levy
ISBN: 9780801851148
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Published: 1995
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Condition: Used: Very Good
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Military History 1452539

Publisher Description:

David Levy's widely acclaimed Debate over Vietnam examines the bitter national discussion that raged over the propriety, the necessity, and the morality of America's longest war. Levy begins with a brief history of Vietnam under foreign rule and recounts the growing American military presence--and the increasing reaction it provoked. He explores the fundamental values and assumptions of Americans on both sides of the growing debate, contrasting Republican consensus with Democratic division and the split between intellectuals of the left and right. He also describes the positions of labor leaders, university faculty and students, and show-business celebrities.

New to this edition is a discussion of the issue of draft dodging, especially as played out in the campaigns of former Vice President Dan Quayle and President Bill Clinton. How, Levy asks, can the public today condemn the Vietnam war, yet not accept the actions of those who chose to avoid it? Why, twenty years later, is the Vietnam question still a pivotal issue in the political arena? Understanding these issues, he concluded, brings the debate over Vietnam closer to both political acceptance and resolution.