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World of Eric Carle

Draw Me a Star

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Title: Draw Me a Star
Author: Carle, Eric
ISBN: 9780399218774
Publisher: World of Eric Carle
Published: 1992
Binding: Book
Language: English
Condition: New
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Publisher Description:
"Draw me a star. And the artist drew a star. It was a good star. Draw me a sun, said the star. And the artist drew a sun." And on the artist draws, bringing the world to life picture by beautiful picture until he is spirited across the night sky by a star that shines on all he has made. In "Draw Me a Star," Eric Carle celebrates the imagination in all of us with a beguiling story about a young artist who creates a world of light and possibility. A remarkable, quintessentially simple book encompassing Creation, creativity, and the cycle of life within the eternal. -- "Kirkus Reviews," pointer review This book will appeal to readers of all ages