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Horse Care Handbook

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Title: Horse Care Handbook
Author: Wood, Ashley
ISBN: 9780785833451
Publisher: Chartwell Books
Published: 2015
Binding: Regular Hardback
Language: English
Condition: Used: Very Good
Clean, unmarked copy with some edge wear. Good binding. Dust jacket included if issued with one. We ship in recyclable American-made mailers. 100% money-back guarantee on all orders.

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Publisher Description:

Designed for breeders and owners alike, Horse Care Handbook is an invaluable resource organized in an easy reference format which helps the reader specify the proper care for various horse breeds. Not only does Horse Care Handbook teach you the history of horses, it features hundreds of photographs and specific advice on each breed.

All domestic horses are members of one animal species, Equus caballus, descended from the wild horses that once roamed central Asia. The sole surviving subspecies of wild horse is Przewalski's horse, named for the Russian explorer who first described it in the late nineteenth century. The first documented evidence of horses being ridden is that of migrating steppe warriors attacking China around 4,000 BCE.

Horse Care Handbook includes an introduction to the personality of the horse, and its view of the world, to help you toward a better understanding of your animal's behavior and basic requirements of day-to-day care: nutritional regimes, stable management, grooming, and tack selection. This book also provides essential reading on equine first aid, plus the preventative care needed to keep your animal in tip-top condition. Also, a brief guide to riding skills, both in the Western and European styles can be found inside Horse Care Handbook.