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Tuttle Publishing

Hsing-I: Chinese Internal Boxing

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Title: Hsing-I: Chinese Internal Boxing
Author: Smith, Robert W
ISBN: 9780804816175
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Published: 1997
Binding: Book
Language: English
Condition: Used: Very Good
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Publisher Description:
Unlike most martial arts, Chinese internal (soft-style) boxing does not depend on muscular strength. The secret behind its power lies in the cultivation and practical application of internal energy--ch'i, There are basically three soft-style martial arts: T'ai-chi, already well known worldwide, and Hsing-i and Pa-kua, relative newcomers to the West. Although they are not essentially fighting arts but living arts, they are devastating as systems of self-defense.

This book outlines the history of Hsing-i--a style of boxing given form (Hsing) by the mind (i)--and gives a thorough account of the philosophy behind the techniques. It also presents to the West for the first time the orthodox style of the late Chinese Hsing-i master Ch'en P'an-ling.

Described here in great detail and fully illustrated are the basic techniques, the five fists of Hsing-i, a linked form of the five fists, and the twelve animal styles.