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Zoe Saunders

Lonely Dragon (Hard Cover)

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Title: Lonely Dragon (Hard Cover)
Author: Zoe Saunders
ISBN: 9781916435209
Publisher: Zoe Saunders
Published: 2018
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

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Publisher Description:

High up in the mountains,
far above the clouds,
where the Earth meets the sky,
there lived a lonely dragon...

The dragon embarks on a great journey
travelling far and wide,
in search of a friend,
another dragon, just like her...

...And in the end,
she does find true friendship,
but not quite in the way she imagined.

This beautifully illustrated story, full of colour and sparkles, demonstrates the importance, and magic, of friendship.

Written and illustrated by Zoe Saunders, in her signature sweet and whimsical style.