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Klutz (Scholastic)

Make Your Own Bath Bombs

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Title: Make Your Own Bath Bombs
Author: Klutz
ISBN: 9781338158809
Publisher: Klutz (Scholastic)
Published: 2017
Binding: Boxed Materials/Kit
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

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Publisher Description:
It's time to transform your bath with fizzy bubbles, fun
color, and a fantastic fragrance. With this kit, you'll learn
the science behind creating the perfect fizz and make up
to 12 colorful bath bombs in five different shapes-right
in your own kitchen. Then dunk them in a bathtub full of
water to release the sensational strawberry kiwi scent. So
sit back, relax, and settle in for a good soak!
Comes With:
Baking soda in 3 colors
Citric acid
5 molds
Strawberry kiwi scent