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Jim Culleny

Odder Still: Poems: Jim Culleny

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Title: Odder Still: Poems: Jim Culleny
Author: Culleny, Jim
ISBN: 9780692351543
Publisher: Jim Culleny
Published: 2014
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Poetry 1374062

Publisher Description:
A compendium of poems offering a portrait of daily life by writer, musician, and artist Jim Culleny. Commenting on family, relationships, and his deep connection to the earth and cycles of nature through farming, Jim weaves a universal narrative through insightful observation of rural life and a rich consideration of a meaningful and creative inner life. At their heart Culleny's poems are always probing, speculative and filled with nostalgia, wonder and yearning, poems that instantly elevate and connect with the reader. Even his serious themes questioning mankind's failings, lack of concern about the destruction of the planet, or mankind's avaricious need to conquer and control can be both elegiac and ironically humorous. Almost all of his poems are instructive, but not didactic and offer the reader the often sought epiphany that fires up the minds and hearts of all who read him.