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Pamela: A Novel

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Title: Pamela: A Novel
Author: Lu, Pamela
ISBN: 9781891190049
Publisher: Atelos
Published: 1998
Binding: Book
Language: English
Condition: New
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Publisher Description:
Fiction. While the new sentence--the prose wing of Language writing--strips narrative down to pointed sets of shifting referents, Lu, in her debut, knowingly resuscitates it, creating a precise and humorous elegy to the self, and to its self-subversions. This quasi-bildungsroman charts the emergence of an 'I' (not 'P' and not 'Pamela, ' though the three characters do appear together) into a 20-something Bay Area, with memories of a suburban childhood close on her heels.... This is a book of extraordinary philosophical subtlety and clarity, one that manages to tell a beautiful story in spite of itself--Publishers Weekly.