Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

Hello Everyone and Happy Pride Month!
In the last couple of months, our staff has been talking about how we want to go about sharing books we love.  Sometimes these books are long-time favorites of ours, but sometimes they are books that we are just excited about, having heard about a title from a friend, from a favorite publisher, or on the radio.  We agreed that one thing we would like to do is to put together collections of new books for theme months and national holidays.  Our Pride collection, which is on display today, includes both national bestsellers and books that you are unlikely to find highlighted anywhere else (I hope this will be true of all of our themes!)

Our Pride Month Collection Is On Display Today!
We highlighted 29 books that we think are truly celebratory.  We tried to include books that would be interesting to a queer audience who may already well-read in queer books.  This includes our effort to have books that are up-to-date and culturally relevant in 2022.  We also highlighted books that might appeal to people who are new to queer reading, who may be, for example, parents, children, and family members who are looking to learn more and have resources that make new ideas accessible.  For example, we felt good including pop culture figures such as Jonathan Van Ness, with his Love That Story, as well as children's books such as Winter Miller's Not a Cat.  We have included books such as I'm a Wild Seed and Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story, which highlight the experiences of children and growing up.  We included works of poetry--Punks: New & Selected Poems, from Small Press Distribution--and a work of anthropology, Minoritarian Liberalism: A Travesti Life in a Brazilian Favela.  I really hope you will enjoy and share, too, what books matter to you.  It is a joy to share some books that matter to us.  

Roundabout's (and Boswell's) Pride Collection

Sales This Month
I will also highlight some big sales that we have on the calendar!  Please feel free to put these on your calendar and to tell all your friends.  Our staff has also been thinking a lot about trying to have more really excellent sales, to give you more reason to come over and visit the shop.  If you haven't been here recently, I think you'll find that we are always, always, trying to make things better and better....

Warmly and with Joy--