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A Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, institution since 1991. We are committed to providing our community with and up-to-date and frequently refreshed selection of the best new and used books we can find! We also stock a fun selection of puzzles, children's games, and art supplies like pens, pencils, and leather journals. And don’t forget to stop by and say hello to Boswell, our lovable bookstore cat.

About Us

Sharing Space by (local) astronaut Cady Coleman available at Boswell's!

"An inside look at what it’s like to be in outer space—and a guide to leading a meaningful life." --Adam Grant

In 2010, Cady Coleman boarded a rocket and blasted off into space for her third NASA mission, a six-month expedition to the International Space Station where she was the only woman on her six person crew. After years spent overcoming obstacles in competitive, high-performance environments, including grappling with her own doubts and training in a spacesuit that was too big, Coleman became a success story in a role that wasn’t built with her in mind—an astronaut who is also a mother, Air Force colonel, scientist, and leader. Her determination and amazing experiences give her a unique perspective on how to set yourself up for success, in space and here on Earth.

Illustrated with stories from her life and training, Cady takes readers from meteorite hunting in Antarctica to launching a $1.6 billion telescope into space to the wonder of spending six months living and working in zero gravity. Come in and find out more about this book!

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Great Books!

We have a rich selection of new books, informed by NEIBA selections, recent award-winners, the New York Times book review and bestseller list, and our staff's reading interests. We also have a diverse collection of used and vintage books, all updated regularly. We carry a large selection of children's picture books, chapter books, and YA... children's classics and vintage children's too! Our nonfiction collection contains small and university presses, as well as more popular history, science, memoir, biography, nature, field guides, cookbooks, and more.

Vintage Books

We carry all kinds of vintage books, many from the 20th century, but also from the 19th century and earlier, as we find them. We like to stock classics with decorative Victorian gilded cloth covers, and leather-bound volumes and sets when we can. We also delight in early to mid-20th century technical books (science, health, engineering), vintage architectural volumes, midcentury cookbooks, and vintage travel. Old children's books are also so much fun. Come see what we have today!

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Why Visit Boswell's Books?

We're a friendly, welcoming shop just steps away from the Bridge of Flowers in downtown Shelburne Falls. We encourage you to make a day of your visit, see the Potholes and the flowers, and visit all the other great shops and eateries around us. We carry thousands of great used books at fantastic prices, and we also have a full selection of new fiction and nonfiction. We are refreshing and adding to our collection every day, so you're bound to see something new whenever you come in. Our staff all love books, and we also love helping you find what you're looking for. And of course, Boswell the cat would also like to help you find your book!

We value the diversity of interests represented in Western Mass, and we stock books that we think will interest all our customers, from New York Times bestsellers, to academic and university presses, paperback mystery, science fiction, and fantasy, and brand new poetry. Emily Dickinson to Archer Mayor; Martín Espada to W. E. B. DuBois. We carry new and used field guides, history, biography, science and math, YA, graphic novels, and of course, plenty of great children's picture and chapter books.