Lynne Pledger Author Reading at the Arms Library, November 11th

Lynne Pledger Author Reading at the Arms Library, November 11th

Boswell's Books is partnering again with the Arms Library in Shelburne Falls to present an author reading with Lynne Pledger for her book, Grass-Fed Beef for a Post-Pandemic World: How Regenerative Grazing Can Restore Soils and Stabilize the Climate, with co-author Ridge Shinn (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2022). The event will take place at the Arms Library, 60 Bridge Street in Shelburne Falls, on November 11th, 2022, at 6:30PM. We hope to see you there.

Local authors Lynne Pledger and Ridge Shinn bring together facts from the fields of ecology, climate science, nutrition, and animal welfare that make a compelling case for regenerative grazing of cattle as a key strategy for combating climate change and providing reliable sources of healthy food for world populations.

Pre-Publication Praise for the book:
“A deep dive into the soil health, plant health, animal health, and human health
connection . . . I learned from this book and am confident that you will, too.”
—Gabe Brown, author of Dirt to Soil, from the foreword

“This book gives me hope . . . Ridge Shinn and Lynne Pledger bring us a giant step closer to the regenerative future.”
—Seth J. Itzkan, cofounder, Soil4Climate 

“The next time someone argues that cows are disastrous for the planet, hand them a copyof Grass-Fed Beef for a Post-Pandemic World.”    
—Dan Barber, author of The Third Plate

“Comprehensive and engaging . . . This book is a must-read for people worldwide interested in how managed grazing can . . . help cool a warming planet.” 
—Fred Provenza, author of Nourishment

About the authors:
Lynne Pledger and Ridge Shinn bring their combined experience with cattle and resource conservation to a book about a new way of raising beef cattle that is not so much how to as it is why to, can do, and must do. Lynne, a Shelburne Falls resident, is a writer and environmental advocate, who has worked on public policy issues including agriculture, waste reduction, climate change, and energy, with nonprofits organizations including Clean Water Action, Sierra
Club, and Upstream. She has been a guest lecturer on sustainability topics at UMass Amherst, Smith College, Lesley University, and the Harvard School of Public Health. Ridge, also a Massachusetts resident, started working with cattle as a herdsman in his twenties and is now an expert in producing grass-fed beef. He has consulted all over North America and overseas. His work has been recognized in Smithsonian, the Atlantic, and TIME magazine, which dubbed
him a “carbon cowboy.”