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Booksmyth Press

As a Sailboat Seeks the Wind

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Title: As a Sailboat Seeks the Wind
Author: Kelner, Marian
ISBN: 9780988592773
Publisher: Booksmyth Press
Published: 2015
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Poetry 1374065

Publisher Description:
Marian Kelner's poems, stories and essays give voice to the warmly compassionate, quirky vision of a woman alive to the world. They carry the reader, laughing and sighing, along with her on her journey among the plants, animals, and humans with whom she gratefully and gracefully shares this world. There is no place too small, too mundane to escape her thoughtful notice: even at the town dump "where people come to bury what they no longer need" she discovers beneath its homely surface "There is sacredness in the sky here / in the receiving ground / in the workers carrying the unwanted / toward transmutation, resurrection." Her background as a red diaper baby, animals rights advocate, lesbian and brave spiritual seeker has led her to make deep, respectful connections with life's true spirit, given her a fearless "willingness to see, be seen, to be." Readers willing to climb aboard her raft of loving tales will feel the breezes of her compassionate humor fill their sails with a new courage for the love of life.