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VIA Folios / Bordighera Press

Blood Autumn/Autumno Di Sangue

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Title: Blood Autumn/Autumno Di Sangue
Author: Gioseffi, Daniela
ISBN: 9781884419737
Publisher: VIA Folios / Bordighera Press
Published: 2006
Binding: Book
Language: English
Condition: New
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Poetry 1405973

Publisher Description:
Poetry. Translated to the Italian by Elisa Biagini, Luigi Bonaffini, Ned Condini, Luigi Fontanella, and Irene Marchegiani. Daneila Gioseffi's BLOOD AUTUMN/AUTUNNO DI SANGUE features selected poems and new work by the poet in both the original English and Italian translation. Visionary and powerful. Tremendous vitality. A gifted and graceful writer-Galway Kinnell. A pleasure to read...Gioseffi's work is brilliant, compassionate, and timely-D. Nurkse. SPD also carries WORD WOUNDS & WATER FLOWERS and GOING ON, as well as the Gioseffi-edited anthology WOMEN ON WAR: INTERNATIONAL WRITINGS.