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Flying Eye Books

Bones of Me

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Title: Bones of Me
Author: Kel Duckhouse
ISBN: 9781914343032
Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Published: 2022
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

YA 1471099

Publisher Description:
Told in dynamic verse and prose, The Bones of Me is a thrilling debut novel about friends and family amid the world of amateur boxing. For fans of The Crossover and The Hate You Give.

The combination of verse and prose keeps the pace moving, and colloquialisms add to the sense of place. A textured coming-of-age story deeply rooted in a working-class community.
--Kirkus Reviews

"Dynamic verse and sincere prose...Prominent messages about classism and forgiveness add layers to this insightful rendering of the amateur boxing world." --Publishers Weekly

An uncompromising and unflinching novel that certainly packs a punch. -- Brian Conaghan, author of The Boy Who Made it Rain

Gutsy, gripping and dangerous yet full of heart, truth and soul. Duckhouse's exceptional debut floats like a butterfly, stings like a poet. --- Keith Gray, author of Ostrich Boys and The Climbers

Living on an East London council estate has its worries - and life for 15 year old Molly hasn't always been easy. But she has a dream, a dream to be a boxer just like her older brother Denny. When he agrees to train her, she couldn't be more excited. But one night everything changes. There's an assault outside Molly's local boxing club, Denny's nowhere to be found and the police are after him. Molly must prove her brother's innocence and delve into the underbelly of East London, and her family history where new and old secrets are revealed...