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Nightboat Books

Bruce Boone Dismembered: Selected Poems, Stories, and Essays

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Title: Bruce Boone Dismembered: Selected Poems, Stories, and Essays
Author: Boone, Bruce
ISBN: 9781937658588
Publisher: Nightboat Books
Published: 2020
Binding: Book
Language: English
Condition: New
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Publisher Description:
Bruce Boone Dismembered collects nearly five decades of writing by Bruce Boone, a founder of New Narrative and critical figure at the crossroads of late twentieth-century avant-garde and social movement writing. At once sexy and political, gossipy and scholarly, this crucial volume includes poems, stories, essays, interviews, and reviews. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction by Rob Halpern Early Poems Karate Flower Writing Poems He's the Lover of My Soul A Natural Form of Love from Sleep Dodo the Cat Gives Himself to the Universe and Later Writes Poems Remarks on Narrative: The Example of Robert Glück's Poetry Gay Language as Political Praxis: The Poetry of Frank O'Hara Toward a Gay Theory for the '80s Writing Power Activity Writing's Current Impasse and the Possibilities for Renewal Language Writing: The Pluses and Minuses of the New Formalism La Fontaine (with Robert Glück) "Stoned out of my gourd" Review of Dennis Cooper's The Tenderness of the Wolves Kathy Acker's Great Expectations George Bataille: A Fave "New" Writer and His Vile Books Perception of a Body Among Writing's Parts Bruce Boone Interviewed by Charles Bernstein Dark Queer Suite Stephen King Poem Buddies In Space John Wieners, American Poet Pulp Terror Lovecraft Letter to Stephen King, The Horror Writer The Last Soup: New Critical Perspectives The Truth About Ted An Excerpt from Carmen (A Visit with Roy) Three Letters from Carmen David's Charm A Narrative Like A Punk Picture: Shocking Pinks, Lavenders, Magentas, Sickly Greens Hollywood Celluloid Nuke Madness Mirage--or Where's the Party? For Jack Spicer--A Truth Element Spicer's Writing in Context Robin Blaser's New Syntax: Pointing Up Ahead, Behind, Wherever Robert Duncan and the Gay Community--A Reflection Review of Duncan's Ground Work: Before the War Beat Poetry's Populism The Queen Beats H.D.'s Writing: Herself A Ghost Beverly Dahlen Steve from He Sleeps with the Angels (Pink Sperm) Bruce Boone in Conversation with Eric Sneathen A Stele for Jamie