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Civil Action

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Title: Civil Action
Author: Harr, Jonathan
ISBN: 9780679772675
Publisher: Vintage
Published: 1996
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Publisher Description:
"The legal thriller of the decade." --Cleveland Plain Dealer
Now a Major Motion Picture!
In this true story of an epic courtroom showdown, two of the nation's largest corporations stand accused of causing the deaths of children. Representing the bereaved parents, the unlikeliest of heroes emerges: a young, flamboyant Porsche-driving lawyer who hopes to win millions of dollars and ends up nearly losing everything, including his sanity. A searing, compelling tale of a legal system gone awry--one in which greed and power fight an unending struggle against justice-- "A Civil Action" is also the story of how one determined man can ultimately make a difference. With an unstoppable narrative power, it is an unforgettable reading experience.