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Distant Transit: Poems

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Title: Distant Transit: Poems
Author: Haderlap, Maja
ISBN: 9781953861160
Publisher: Archipelago
Published: 2022
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Poetry 1396974

Publisher Description:
From a groundbreaking Slovenian-Austrian poet comes an evocative, captivating collection on searching for home in a landscape burdened with violent history.

At its core, Distant Transit is an ode to survival, building a monument to traditions and lives lost.

Infused with movement, Maja Haderlap's Distant Transit traverses Slovenia's scenic landscape and violent history, searching for a sense of place within its ever-shifting boundaries.

Avoiding traditional forms and pronounced rhythms, Haderlap unleashes a flow of evocative, captivating passages whose power lies in their associative richness and precision of expression, vividly conjuring Slovenia's natural world--its rolling meadows, snow-capped alps, and sparkling Adriatic coast.

Belonging to the Slovene ethnic minority and its inherited, transgenerational trauma, Haderlap explores the burden of history and the prolonged aftershock of conflict--warm, lavish pastoral passages conceal dark memories, and musings on the way language can create and dissolve borders reveal a deep longing for a sense of home.