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Title: Greenfield
Author: Miller, Peter S
ISBN: 9780738503356
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Published: 1999
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Condition: New
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Local History 1474358

Publisher Description:
Known as the photographer's dream and famous as an early center of the tool-making industry, the town of Greenfield, Massachusetts, has much to be proud of. Ideally located, Greenfield became a significant market town in early America, and subsequently a close-knit community of hard-working individuals intent on dreams of better futures. As you travel through a century of Greenfield's history, from a town of promise to a town of commercial and communal success, these photographs will bring you back in time to watch Greenfield come of age. In Greenfield, the journey begins in a time when horse-drawn wagons traveled along unpaved streets, and the local trolley and railroads supported travel and industry for citizens and factories alike. You will meander down an earlier Main Street and tour some of the oldest estates in Greenfield, such as the picturesque Lupinwood. Most of all, you will witness the creation of a small Massachusetts town with all its traditional community charms, and meet the generations of families and individuals who have worked to preserve and maintain it.