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Chef John Folse & Co.

How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life

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Title: How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life
Author: Medwed, Mameve
ISBN: 9780060831202
Publisher: Chef John Folse & Co.
Published: 2007
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Publisher Description:

What do a chamber pot, a famous poet, a family feud, and a long-ago suitor all have in common?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning might have written about the length and breadth of love, but Abby Randolph has given up on all that, preferring to spend her time between her cluttered needs work apartment and an overcrowded antiques mart optimistically named Objects of Desire. Yet Abby can't help but wonder what happened to her earlier passionate self . . .

Then the Antiques Roadshow comes to town, and Abby joins thousands of Boston's hopefuls at the crack of dawn, artifact in hand. But there, among the carousel horses and bedraggled stuffed animals, Abby's rather squalid piece of porcelain gets the star treatment. And from the moment the show airs, everything changes--friendships, her career, love affairs, even the way she views herself and others--as life comes rushing back at Abby Randolph full force.