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DK Children

How to Be an Artist

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Title: How to Be an Artist
Author: DK
ISBN: 9780744033250
Publisher: DK Children
Published: 2021
Binding: Book
Language: English
Condition: New
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Juvenile Non-Fiction 1421339

Publisher Description:
Fall in love with art and design! This creative kids book introduces them to the wonderful world of art history and creating art!

Discover the artist that lies within through the pages of this children's craft book. More than that, this book encourages art as a STEM field and teaches kids the history of art, art theory, and introduces them to the most notable artists who have influenced art movements.

How to be an Artist includes fascinating details on the art world and gives children the opportunity to learn key artistic skills. The book includes:

- Step-by-step projects, information about artistic movements, and profiles on pioneering artists
- Four sections: drawing, painting, crafting, nature, and animating
- Information on the educational importance of including art in STEM learning
- Over 30 art activities

From amateur to artist in no time

Create your own masterpieces while you learn to paint, draw, and design. How to be an Artist is an exciting introduction to a lifetime of art appreciation. Author Natalie Abadzis includes over 30 activities to encourage and stimulate even the most reluctant young artist.

From basics, such as composition and perspective, to the trickier techniques of illusion and paper engineering, to woodwork, photography, and sculpting, this art activity book for kids gets their creative juices flowing. Plus, introductions to artists such as Frida Kahlo, Albreach Drurer, and Yayoi Kusama will inspire and excite budding artists!

Don't let the fun stop - discover others in the series

The How to be a series is aimed at young readers ages 7-9. These books introduce them to STEM fields such as science, maths, and now art. These books are fun and engaging and make these subjects a pleasure to learn. Other books in this series include How to be a Scientist and How to be a Maths Whizz.