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Lady of Avalon

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Title: Lady of Avalon
Author: Bradley, Marion Zimmer
ISBN: 9780451456526
Publisher: Ace
Published: 1998
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Publisher Description:
Like the inhabitants of the mystical Avalon, readers of Lady of Avalon will feel they have been transported to another world - a world of myth, magic, romance, and history. This novel spans the creation of Avalon itself and foreshadows the birth of the legendary King Arthur. Here, we meet three remarkable holy women who steer the fortunes of Roman Britain as they struggle with their own destinies: . Caillean retreats to the island of Avalon with a small band of priestesses. There she establishes a sisterhood to serve the Great Goddess, raises the heir to the mystic royal line, and veils Avalon from a hostile world in its everlasting mists. The astute Dierna guides Avalon through treacherous political waters by marrying a young priestess to a Roman general ... only to discover that love - especially her own - cannot be so easily controlled. Ana gives birth to a baby girl who will be the mother of the great King to come. But it is her beautiful and feisty oldest daughter, Viviane, who is destined for true greatness - as the famed Lady of the Lake and guardian of the Grail.