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Etymon Press

Nowhere Else

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Title: Nowhere Else
Author: Felicia Davin
ISBN: 9780998995755
Publisher: Etymon Press
Published: 2021
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 1466257

Publisher Description:

Solomon Lange was a brilliant, ambitious physicist until a catastrophe in his lab trapped him in the void between worlds. Newly rescued but traumatized and uncontrollably telekinetic, Lange no longer feels at home in the world or in his body. All he wants is to return to the Nowhere.

But one crew member-the intolerable, imperturbable, incredibly patient, unbearably gentle Jacob McCreery-refuses to let him. Jake insists that Lange is the only one who can fix the damage in his lab, a breach to the Nowhere that's simultaneously devouring and distorting the space around it. Left open, the growing breach threatens all of humanity. Jake's not ready to give up on saving the world just yet-and he's willing to dodge whatever Lange throws at him.

Working together brings Lange and Jake closer than they've ever allowed themselves to be with anyone else. Can two wounded, lonely people repair each other in time to repair the world?