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Montez Press

Oliver Reed

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Title: Oliver Reed
Author: Regel, Hannah
ISBN: 9781916063471
Publisher: Montez Press
Published: 2020
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Poetry 1314076

Publisher Description:

Poetry. Fiction. Hybrid Genre. Women's Studies. Art. In Hannah Regel's brilliant collection, OLIVER REED, the figure of the horse becomes an object for language's brutality and the all too familiar subjugation of women's voices, bodies, and labour. An impressive hyperbolic pastiche of pleasurable misbehavior guides a girl named Sorry through her own undoing while naming new tools for calculated resistance. 'Kill the language. Kill it. Get the shovel. We're making a belt.' I would gladly do whatever she tells me to do and wouldn't think of doing otherwise. Regel creates a new order for the ecstatic wreckage of obedience.--Cassandra Troyan