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Out of Bounds: Adventures in Transformation

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Title: Out of Bounds: Adventures in Transformation
Author: Boston, Sandra
ISBN: 9780988592759
Publisher: Booksmyth Press
Published: 2014
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Publisher Description:
This is the saga of a woman who realizes early in her life that if she follows her own drumbeat she is going to encounter resistance from those closest to her who want her to be more "normal." As she listens to her inner leadings and says "Yes," her life journey takes her first to Jordan and Lebanon, then after college and seminary on to Ghana, Malawi, Nicaragua, China, Bali, Uganda, Russia, Palestine and beyond--into the homes and hearts of people of consciousness the world around. This is the story of what she learned, how she was changed, and what she has to teach about transforming painful family relationships, religious traditions, political struggles for justice, and cultural scripts that hold women back from the lives they want to be living. "Sandra Boston creates a whirlwind of activity and inspiration that sweeps you up in its gust as she tells the story of her travels around the world and into the depths of the human heart. Be prepared to ask the question somewhere along the ride: "What am I doing with my life that will create positive change in the world?"- for, indeed, that is what Sandra's life is all about." -Gaella Elwell, business owner, Waldorf teacher, friend "There is a clan of women-Vandana Shiva, Eve Ensler, Joanna Macy-warriors who have long refused to accept the life-destroying paradigm of our culture. Through their work, through their living, they have continually pushed the boundaries-creating images and visions for a life-sustaining world. Sandra Boston is a part of that clan. Read these pages. Every breath she takes is for all of us." -Reverend Georganne Greene, Unitarian Universalist minister. Pilgrim Warrior graduate Sandra Boston, MSW, M.Ed., has been self-employed doing work she loves for most of her adult life. She taught communication skills and conflict resolution for forty years based in Thomas Gordon's Parent Effectiveness Training, Gandhian nonviolence, Marshal Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication, Arnold Mindell's Process Work,