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Poems in a Time of Grief

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Title: Poems in a Time of Grief
Author: Greene, G
ISBN: 9781098332525
Publisher: BookBaby
Published: 2020
Binding: Book
Language: English
Publisher Description:
This isn't a book written for lovers of poetry, even though poetry lovers may find something for themselves here as well. This is a book of poetry written for those grieving a personal loss, by someone who was and is grieving. It's offered in the hope that it may help others deal with their own loss, and help them feel less alone and less isolated in their grief.

There's no one way to grieve, and no 'right' way. Everyone's experience is going to be unique to them, based on their situation, their loss, and a host of other factors. We may all experience some common emotions, but how they appear, what triggers them, when they leave, when they return, in what order they occur, their intensity, and a million other things are going to be something everyone experiences differently.

This book is, at its heart, the record of how I am grieving and what I've experienced in the first eighteen months after a devastating loss. My hope is that, if you've experienced a loss, reading these pieces may help you put words to some of your own emotions So if you decide to read this book - thank you. Writing it helped me a lot and I can only hope that it helps you, even if just a bit, to read it. As alone as you may feel, you're not alone.

I wish you peace. And if you find a little in these pages, I'd love to hear about it.