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Bloomsbury Academic

Power and Protest in England 1525-1640

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Title: Power and Protest in England 1525-1640
Author: Wall, Alison
ISBN: 9780340610220
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Published: 2000
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: Used: Very Good
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World History 1339860

Publisher Description:
Drawing on new research from local archives as well as reinterpretations of published literature, Power and the People describes how England remained governable between 1525 and 1640, despite the wars, famine, epidemics, and dynastic and religious crises of the period. The book surveys the
mechanisms of authority at various levels, from the street and alehouse to the manor and the royal court. Maintaining order was a difficult challenge, given that England had no standing army or professional police, and Alison Wall investigates everything from the roles of village constables to the
social cohesiveness that came from civic celebrations and participatory politics. Her book provides students with a rich perspective on the social world and political culture of early modern England.