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Your Scrivener Pr

Stonehaven Poems

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Title: Stonehaven Poems
Author: Patrick, R D
ISBN: 9781896350394
Publisher: Your Scrivener Pr
Published: 2010
Binding: Book
Language: English
Condition: New
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Poetry 1405948

Publisher Description:
R. D. Patrick writes in the tradition of Al Purdy and Patrick Lane: "The Stonehaven Poems" are by turn laced with attitude, visceral imagery, mordant humour, sharp-edged reflection on the state of the world, and sardonic self-reflection. Patrick writes accessible 'people's poetry, ' but he doesn't compromise his stance to play to public taste. The volume is divided into three parts: "swan song," "man on the mountain," and "goodbye in Portuguese." The first is about the questionable state of the world, the second looks at possibilities of redemption, and the third deals with growing old, finding wisdom, and the inevitability of death. Though a chill blows through his lines, there is also from time to time a tangible poignancy that speaks of loss, and longing.