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Struggling for the Soul of Our Country

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Title: Struggling for the Soul of Our Country
Author: Browning, Preston M, Jr
ISBN: 9781498209946
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Published: 2016
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Publisher Description:
Struggling for the Soul of Our Country is a book in search of answers: what does it mean to struggle for the soul of a country and how does the life of citizenship influence our common future? While discussing major cultural and political issues, Browning addresses the deeper questions haunting many of our citizens and reflects upon the spiritual dimension of the crises America faces today. With titles such as ""American Global Hegemony vs. the Quest for a New Humanity,"" ""Why I Am a Christian Socialist,"" and ""American Dystopia"" these essays examine aspects of American political and cultural life in an effort to shed light on the pathologies that Browning claims undermine the health of the country's soul. This book invites the reader to examine the development of America as a militaristic empire, initiating multiple wars abroad, including a disastrous war in Iraq, and fostering at home a culture of violence that led to the assassination of an American president, John F. Kennedy, by agents of the US government. ""These essays are elegant and interesting accounts of what it might mean to view America, Christianity, and other fundamental topics from a slightly different angle, one that offers new insights."" --Bill McKibben, Author; Activist; Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College ""Browning's lovely essay collection on America--all that it is, all that it could be--manages to be a poetics of outrage and an exaltation of the possible at the same time. It offers a fierce indictment of the tyranny of capitalism, the pathology of war, and our ruptured relation to nature. Yet this is a book of hope: that yes, America's soul is worth the struggle and transformation is within our grasp."" --Kate Doyle, Senior Analyst of U.S. Policy in Latin America, National Security Archive ""Browning's book constitutes a profound and prophetic wake-up call to our nation. He urges the citizens of America toward a level of social consciousness and interdependence that flies