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Balestier Press

Unicorn Named Rin

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Title: Unicorn Named Rin
Author: Crystal Z Lee
ISBN: 9781913891121
Publisher: Balestier Press
Published: 2021
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

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Publisher Description:

The Royal Phoenix is missing from the Tang dynasty palace! Princess Pingyang is worried. Can Rin the Unicorn find Fan the Phoenix? Together with her friends --- Dragon, Tiger, and Tortoise --- Rin embarks on a journey to mystical lands in China. Along the way, Rin discovers the value of teamwork and the warmth of friendship.

A Unicorn Named Rin celebrates the wonder and beauty of Chinese history and culture. This exquisitely illustrated picture book makes an ideal gift:

*Easy-to-read vocabulary enables confidence in early readers

*Whimsical illustrations encourage imagination in all unicorn lovers

*Storyline fosters dialogue around collaboration, empathy, and kindness

*Real locations in China make for an inspiring geography, history and cultural lesson

"Both Liu's art and Lee's story are deftly crafted to introduce young readers to historically important sites, symbols, and mythical creatures from the Tang dynasty."-Kirkus Reviews

"This sweet story takes any small child's dream equation (unicorn + princess + dragon) and adds a dash of epic adventure, with lessons on Chinese history and culture."

"...unique children's it combines Chinese culture in every aspect, from myths, to poetry, festivals, and real geographic locations." - Literary Titan