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Xanth 13: Isle of View

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Title: Xanth 13: Isle of View
Author: Anthony, Piers
ISBN: 9780380759477
Publisher: Avon Books
Published: 1990
Binding: Mass Market
Language: English
Publisher Description:
Loveworn Love Lost

Perplexed Prince Dolph, Xanth's precocious shapeshifter, should be in love but isn't. Nonetheless, he must chose between two fiancées -- Nada the uninterested and Electra the uninteresting -- or all three of them will suffer the most dire consequences. Luckily a convenient catastrophe has popped up to distract Dolph form his dilemma -- the foal-napping of young Che Centaur by goblins. And the only one who knows where Che is is a nice but remarkably naive elflike gir named Jenny from the World of Two Moons. If anyone can save the missing centaur...she sure can't.